Monday, October 27, 2008


Sr. General Than Shwe’s Second Daughter has made 200 Million dollars by selling Burma’s land to Chinese tycoons

ထြန္းနိုင္ေရြွ (ခ) ထြန္းထြန္းနိုင္





ႀကိဳင္စန္းေရြွ (Kyaing San Shwe runs construction business the Classic International Company as well as earning a fortune from illegal gambling.)

သန္ ့ေဇာ္ေရြွ (ခ) ေမာင္ေမာင္

သႏၱာေရႊ (ခ) မေပါက္


First week of January, 2007. The second daughter of Sr. General Than Shwe (head of Junta) have made deal with Wang Xiaohua, Chairman and Zeng Guang’an, President of Guangxi Liugong Industrial Investment Co. Ltd of Guangxi Liugong Group- CHINA, over Nanning Overseas Chinese Investment Zone (China-ASEAN economic park).

Nanning Oversea Chinese Investment Zone is established to attract the investments from ten ASEAN countries including Burma, to attract the ASEAN countries, Chinese Government offered 40 Acres of 30 years granted lands (Free of Charge) to all Asean Countries and 400 millions dollars soft loan for each land to carry out the development.

The deal was simple, Than Shwe’s daughter transfer the 30 years ownership of the (40 Acres) land which is belongs to Burma to Guangxi Liugong Group, Liugong Group claimed 400 million dollars soft loan from China bank and share or bribe 50% which is 200 million dollar to Than Shwe’s daughter.

But to legalized the deal Than Shwe’s daughter forced to brought in the local GO-NGO (Government Organized- Non Government Organization) name UMF-CCI (Union of Myanmar Federation of - Chambers of Commerce and Industry) into the deal, she ordered UMF-CCI to formed joint company with Liugong Group of China which is later named Golden Land East Asia Development Co. Ltd. Then the legalization process was done within one week (which usually took about year for normal business companies)

This information was disclosed by senior officials from Ministry of Trade who is loyal to his country (who must remained extremely anonymous), he said “who do they think they are ? (Than shew family) to do whatever they want with the properties that belongs to the state not to them”.

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