Monday, March 24, 2008


It is alot of ways to come to canada.
I don't know which one is matching with you.
-Applying canada Immigrant for burmese is only in singapore ...canada embassy.
(you should have good education...good own properties....It is like you have some good house and some amounts in your bank accuont.but you can create it.
total 58 marks you pass you are allowed to get permanent residant for canada. {....english 8 marks.frence 8 marks}
I could tell you detail about that very soon.
-visit to canada........
somebody give you visit sponsor from canada then you go for visa interview in BKK ,canada embassy . you are allowed to go to canada If they beleive you sure come back to burma...also you need to show good job in burma and some good house and some amounts in your bank accuont.but you can create it.after you arrive to canada we can tell you how to apply immigrant.
I saw somebody getting sponsor from canada church,
seeking job from oversea........
you must be a professional scale labour and some company really need you in their company{like ....burmese restaurent really need you as a cooker to cook burmese food.}If you know some burmese bisiness owners they have a chance to do do that even your are not a professional scale labour .}some people getting job from philippine agent (singapore)with arround 6000.
other ways..............................
some agents can help you in BKK (using other book ....16000 to 20000)...I think that is fastest way for you .if you need it I could give you some Info. about that.
somebody claim in UN office (thailand) and waiting with their programm.(cheapest way)
apply visa in BKK.If your studying in malasia you can get visa there easy than BKK.(show money is arround 34000,after you arrive canada you can get it out from your bank account.
also you can apply scorlar ship programm in BKK If you are bright in education.I could tell you detail about that very soon.(cheapest way for bright student)

It is no ploblem which ways you use after you arrive canada you may get immigrant status If you follow the way.((GOOD LUCK)))